Warehouse Management Market to Hit $19 Billion by 2025

A general increase in automation is a driving factor in the growth of the warehouse management market.

An increasing preference for goods-to person (GTP) technology at warehouses and a general increase of automation will propel growth in the warehouse management market.

The market is expected to hit $19.06 billion by 2025, according to a recent report from Million Insights.

Other general trends such as the high cost of labor and the growing penetration of electric trucks will drive the market forward.

Looking at some specific technologies, the report says that telematics will continue to play a crucial role in developing advanced solutions for the floor level workforce. The rising application of fleet management by various transport operators is anticipated to drive the demand for telematics in the upcoming years.  And the penetration of telematics systems is projected to support companies in lowering their empty runs and fuel cost.

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