SupplyChainHub.News is an online and one stop information centre regarding business logistics and supply chains management news, analysis, services and systems regarding strategies, their impact and best practices on global logistics and supply chains. In today’s business world, movement of goods and services from point of origin to destination more timely and efficient manner than ever before through logistics solutions. New technologies that provide information during local and global shipments are transforming the way companies do businesses and allowing them to stay ahead of the competition in their industries. As transportation and distribution services continue to evolve, businesses are discovering new ways to increase efficiency and cut costs. Learn how companies are using logistics and cargo solutions to power their supply chains.

What is SCM Hub?

In supply chain management, Hub refers to a central warehouse that’s used to cater various destinations that may be customers, stores or other smaller warehouses. It’s an important part of supply chain strategy and used to optimize the overall transportation costs. Hubs are generally placed at the places that are near to customers.

A production unit may not be near to its customers. In such cases, bigger warehouses are made near the customers in order to serve them at minimum cost and shorter lead time. The various benefits of the Hubs are as follows:
• Optimization of transportation cost
• Shorter lead time
• Enables implementation of Just in Time Delivery
• Reduction of in-plant inventory and allows level production

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